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Guest speakers typically bring hand-outs or similar information. Such items will be listed below.

November 7, 2013

Guest speaker Kathy Hitchcock, Program Administrator for Child Protective Services.

LICC Meeting February 7, 2013

The Davidson County Local Interagency Coordinating Council met on 2/7/2013 at the Davidson County Health Department. Guest Speaker Jen Hames presented information on the program "Color Me Healthy". More information on Color Me Healthy can be found at THIS WEBSITE.

Here is her presentation:



LICC Meeting January 3, 2013

On January 3rd the LICC had as guest speaker Teresa McKeon from the ARC of Davidson County.


You can visit their website here. 

LICC Meeting - October 4th 2012

On October 4th 2012, the Davidson County Local Interagency Coordinating Council had Lori Adams as the guest speaker. Lori is from the Winston-Salem CDSA (Children's Developmental Services Agency) and spoke about referring and qualifying for their programs, as well as what the CDSA provides.

LICC October 2012 Guest Speaker Lori Adams from DC LICC on Vimeo.


The CDSA website - .

CDSA Flyer

CDSA Letter

CDSA Contact List

CDSA Referral Form

LICC Meeting - September 6th 2012

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